Welcome to Focus On Change, where leadership transforms and management excels.

Our training programs are designed to cultivate dynamic leaders and effective managers in the ever-evolving business landscape. We build tailored courses that blend strategic insight with practical skills, guiding you to navigate change and inspire your teams to reach new heights.

Embrace leadership with purpose, and master the art of effective management with Focus On Change.

Our inception:

Established in 2007, Focus On Change is a business improvement and training provider led by directors, with operations spanning the UK and Europe.

Our principles:

We take a personal approach. Our paramount focus is always on people, recognising that no change can thrive without their involvement. Our goal is to nurture dynamic leaders and effective managers on their leadership journey.

1. We take a personal approach.

2. We promote learning experiences.

3. Change is about people.

4. Our leaders focus on development.

5. We don't squeeze round pegs into square holes.

Our learning approach:

We specialise in crafting and delivering tailor-made training programs from the ground up. Our content is not a rehash of decade-old material; it is entirely bespoke and laser-focused on delivering precisely what your teams need. We strongly believe learning is enjoyed more and remembered longer when it's embedded within an experience.

Our consultancy approach:

We actively oversee and support change initiatives within your business, guiding the process from discovery to the seamless transition to Business as Usual (BAU). Success, in our view, is achieved when we complete this journey alongside you.

Our Industries:

Banking and Finance

National Australia Bank

Lloyds TSB

Al Rayan

Engineering & Manufacturing

Atlas Copco



Triton Showers

Daido Industrial


Mole Valley Farmers


Cancer Research

Food & Drink Manufacturing

Yeo Valley

Cranswick Foods



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