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By January 23, 2019 September 24th, 2019 No Comments

Stop hoping!

I often say on our leadership development programmes that the only management style that definitely doesn’t work is hope.

Hoping is lazy. Hoping will fail. Hoping does not work.

If you want something to go the way you intend it to, then simply relying on hope is not enough.

I’ve spent a lot of time with people who use the word “hope”, and I always challenge them on it. It’s a nice word, but it’s empty.

Hoping means there is have no plan, no structure, no framework in place, no clear idea of how things¬†will work; simply hope that they will. And this is why it’s empty.

Creating a plan is easy. Building a series of interlinked actions from the current state to the desired state and following them through is not rocket science. Devising a framework for how something will be managed is not worthy of a PHD, it should be everyday stuff.

This is management, and it gets things done.

If you want something to happen, don’t rely on hope. Manage the situation so that it will happen.

Stop hoping.