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ILM Leadership Development Programmes by Focus On Change

Our ILM Leadership Development Programmes are delivered around your precise needs, at Focus On Change we do not squeeze round pegs into square holes.

We recognize that there are many reasons to look at developing leaders, such as talent management or managers who are new to roles. Our ILM training programmes will be built around these reasons and the requirements and needs of the learners.

A Leadership Development Programme is also a great way to promote the behaviours and values which are key to your organisation. So, if you’re a values-led organisation, we’ll design a values-led programme. We will promote and support your organisational values by embedding them firmly within your ILM training programme.

Rather than simply offering face-to-face classroom style training, we offer a wide range of activities to help promote the take-up of new skills and behaviours, and drive through the required change to enable your leaders and managers to achieve more.

What’s Included?


ILM Development Certificate


Upfront learner assessment and 1-2-1 sessions


Minimum of six taught training sessions


One session of experiential outdoor leadership


Six months of coaching


Access to our eLearning system for 12 months


Telephone and email support for delegates throughout the programme

How Do We Work?

Upfront Assessment

Delegates will complete an online assessment delivered by Focus On Change. The aim of the assessment is to understand the current leadership and team behaviours exhibited by the delegate. The outcome of the assessment will be discussed in a coaching session prior to the Programme commencing.


Delivering structured coaching sessions alongside and after the delivery of a Management Development Programme is an essential part of ensuring that new theories are embedded in day-to-day management activities. This enables us to deliver training that gets results!

Supportive eLearning

Focus On Change provides delegates with a supportive eLearning platform full of videos and exercises to support the learning which takes place in the workshops. The platform can also be used to capture and log delegate assessments and short tasks.

Training Delivery

Bespoke training sessions designed to address your specific requirements will be delivered, usually at a frequency of one session per month. An example of potential topics is below. One session will be an experiential outdoor leadership session at one of our venues across the UK.


We offer telephone and email support to candidates throughout their development programme. It's important to us that help and support is on hand when needed. That's why we're on hand to help in whatever way we can.

Example Topics

  • Managing and Leading Teams – Leadership and Management course for new and existing managers
  • Transition to Leadership – The journey becoming a leader and the changes required
  • Supervising and Leading Teams – Leadership and Supervisory course for new and existing supervisors / team leaders
  • Business Strategy – How to design and implement departmental or operational strategies
  • Business Analysis – Explore methods for performing analysis which feeds into strategy and key business decisions
  • Performance Management – Managing teams and individuals to fulfil their full potential and deliver the business results needed
  • Change Management – Focus on changes that are needed to deliver the results you want in a sophisticated and structured way
  • Project Management – Explore and learn how to deliver well planned and managed projects
  • Personal Effectiveness – Time Management – Exploring LEAN techniques for eliminating waste and maximising performance
  • Personal Effectiveness – Assertiveness – How to avoid being passive through gaining control and increasing your effectiveness
  • Coaching and Mentoring Training
  • Delivering Information and Presentation Skills
  • Introduction to Business Improvement Techniques

All of our ILM leadership and management courses are delivered on a fixed cost which includes design, delivery, materials, and ILM certificates. Travel and accommodation is charged as extra.

If you would like to find out more about our ILM Development Programmes, please get in touch via the enquiry form below.