Leadership Training Case Study

The middle tier of managers had largely been promoted internally from junior positions. Over time it became apparent there was a managerial skills shortage at this level and the quality of leadership left a lot to be desired. Morale was low and sickness was high.

We were able to work with the organisation to develop a bespoke leadership development programme that could be used to upskill the middle tier of managers over a period of six months. The programme covered such topics as: Managing and Leading Others, Personal Effectiveness,  Business Improvement Techniques, Change Management, Communication Skills, and Performance Management.

At the same time we worked with their HR team to make recommendations for how they could improve their recruitment methods and talent management practices.

By the end of the six month programme morale within the middle tier of managers was measurably higher, sickness was measurably lower, and the impact the increase in skills had was clear for everyone to see.