Focus On Change Business Support

Today’s organisations are facing constant challenges, and are needing to respond to these in ever tighter timescales to ensure their business can survive and thrive. In the modern business ecosystem the need for change can come from a variety of sources – some of these are illustrated below.

The Internet has now given customers a world wide source of products and services, and they are now demanding – new products, better service, faster delivery and reduced prices.

Employees are now global, mobile, social and flexible. They are frequently looking for interesting and fulfilling work, with opportunities for learning new skills. A “job for life” is not an attraction for many employees.

Digital Transformation – Internet/always connected/reduced cost of storage/sensor technology/big data/IoT/Cloud Computing are all having fundamental impacts on the way organisations of all types and sizes carry out their operations.

Environmental – following high profile TV programmes todays consumer will have high demands on the environmental credentials of organisations they purchase from, and will want the opportunity to purchase “environmentally friendly” products and services

Political – both UK and world politics have undergone significant, and in some cases unforeseen, changes over the last few years. Uncertainty as a rest of political change will always represent a challenge to organisations of all types.

We can help with the following areas of Business Support

Business Process Improvement

Project Management Support

Change Management Support


Strategy Development

Whilst the need to change effectively to meet these challenges has never been more important it is reported that only 21% of change projects are consistently delivering on their benefits (KPMG 2017).

With organisations being ever more lean it is a challenge to both ensure that Business As Usual continues.

The team at Focus On Change are passionate about helping discover the creativity and capacity for change within your organisation.  We have many years experience of supporting change in a variety of sectors, and can help you define, plan and execute your change initiatives.

Our support can include:

  • Consultancy
  • Training
  • Coaching
  • General “hand holding”

“If you focus on results you will never change, if you focus on change you will get results”