Following the Process

By January 22, 2019 September 24th, 2019 No Comments

It’s fairly common for people to talk about ‘following’ processes. All too often there is no actual defined process which leads to variations in how people follow the undefined process.

I was recently working with a company, they were talking positively about their onboarding process and how good they are at onboarding. I enquired further about the process, especially seeing as they were so proud of it. It was then identified that the reason they thought they were so good was that every manager does it differently. Whilst each manager may be following their own informal process there wasn’t actually an onboarding process in place.

How can a process be followed yet alone improved if no one takes the time to define it in the first place?

We set about identifying the requirements for an onboarding process with key stakeholders, mapped some of the current informal processes to identify good practice, and then created a standardized formal process. The process can now be followed, monitored, updated, and improved.

Focus On Change deliver workshops on Process Development and also process mapping as part of our business services.